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Captain Baculum Episode Three: Baculum Solves Everything PRE-ORDER , ,

The third and final instalment of Captain Baculum, an indie comic series about saving the world and stuff.


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Captain Cornelius Baculum is on an epic journey to meet his destiny. He still doesn’t really understand why, but with the help of his crew and his friends he is about to find out…

After almost a decade, the epic story of Captain Baculum will be concluded in this final instalment. In Baculum Solves Everything the team must navigate a vast and unsettling undersea world, with Pontus and his goons at their heels, and the Captain is forced to confront harsh truths about himself and his friends.

This is the final instalment of Captain Baculum, an indie comic written and drawn by Christopher Bingham. This one features additional art by Jamie Spicer-Lewis. Full colour cover, 50+ black and white printed pages. Every order is signed. Variant covers subject to extremely limited availability (order them quick!).

Main artwork TBA.

Jamie SL variant

Maddy Vian variant

This is a pre-order. Comics will ship early 2018.

Read more about the history of this project here.


Standard Edition, Limited Jamie SL Variant, Maddy Vian Variant