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A Twin Peaks Fancast presented by Tom Bown & Christopher Bingham

Peaked is a weekly limited-run fancast about the 2017 Twin Peaks revival hosted by Tom Bown (Lynch fanboy) and Christopher Bingham (Lynch skeptic). When not recording for this show, Bown is an avid film & TV watcher and News Editor for TenEighty Magazine. Bingham is a comedian and lecturer in new media technologies at Ravensbourne.

After 25 years, Twin Peaks returns for an historic final season. The work of Mark Frost and David Lynch, and arguably David Lynch’s most successful screen creation, is back to answer questions and prompt new ones. We talk about it.

Bown and Bing have been friends since 2008 when they met studying film and media at the University of Lincoln. Talking about movies, TV, and music is one of the bedrocks of their relationship.

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