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I Will Save You From the Future

A discussion podcast about future tech and how it will destroy the world

I Will Save You From the Future is a comedy discussion show hosted by Christopher Bingham (comedian and film/tech lecturer). When he is not recording for IWSY or making one of his other shows, Bing shapes young minds at Ravensbourne University in London.

The future is now, the present is past, and the future-future is knocking on your window in the form of nano-tech, living computers, flying death machines, space mining, and smart drugs. Each episode we pick a topic (or a question sent in from a listener) and imagine the terrifying future it will lead us to.

Bing’s obsession with time, particularly the future, shines through in most of his work, from Past Bing / Future Bing (a video documentary chronicling his own life shot exactly one year apart) to High Five Spaceship (his collaborative music project whose second album tells a story set in the year 2215). He has strong opinions about our future as a species.

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